Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve read our guidelines and looked at past grants awarded and still aren’t sure whether you are eligible the FAQs below might help.

What if I’m not an arts or cultural organisation?

The Ragdoll Foundation exists to support the cultural sector’s work with children and young people. We do accept applications from other organisations that work with children and young people (as long as they meet eligibility criteria – for example, we don’t fund statutory bodies, including schools), but to date only one of our 26 funded projects has been from outside the arts / cultural sector. This was Lancashire Association of Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs, which was awarded £15,520 over 18 months to run nine bespoke projects in which children are working with professional artists to explore their world views through a variety of media. In this case, the trustees felt that the quality of the application from a non-arts based organisation was high and the project had the potential to create a replicable model of good practice within the youth sector.

What if I receive regular funding from my arts council?

If you are a national arts / cultural organisation, or in receipt of regular funding from the arts council, you have already been recognised for excellence and leadership in your field. The Ragdoll Foundation will be looking for a project that goes beyond the provision you would already be expected to make for children and young people within your remit as an arts council funded organisation. Consider applying for a smaller and more strategic project – perhaps there is a pilot or partnership you’d like to test out, or a piece of research you are interested in doing that will significantly extend your practice.

What if my project will take place within London?

In general, London-based organisations have access to a greater number of funders than those outside of London, and there is more cultural provision in London. The Ragdoll Foundation aims to improve equality of opportunity for children and young people and one way to do this is to prioritise cultural provision outside of London. Having said that, if your application is outstanding and has the potential to be an exemplar in its field then we will consider it.

Does the Ragdoll Foundation provide top up or match funding?

Not usually. We aim to fund projects where our support will make a significant difference – to participants, to the organisation and to the success of the project itself. We usually support 40-80% of overall costs and aren’t likely to support projects where we are the minor funder, one of a long list of funders, or are providing match to a larger funder.