The Ragdoll Foundation
Open Grants Scheme

Grants Awarded 2016-17

Organisation Dance in Devon
Amount awarded £20,550 over 2 years
Date awarded July 2016
Project location Dawlish, Exeter and Barnstaple
Beneficiaries Very young children, with and without disabilities
Artform Dance
Project To develop and deliver ‘All Aboard’, a new inclusive dance project for very young disabled and non-disabled children and their families.
The project will support children to express identity, develop resilience, raise confidence and explore creativity through imaginative play-based movement.
Organisation Discover Story Centre
Amount awarded £30,988 over 2 years
Date awarded December 2016
Project location Stratford, East London
Beneficiaries Babies and young children up to 3 years old
Artform Storytelling, theatre, music, visual arts
Project To expand the scope and scale of Discover’s work with children 0-3 years old by creating 8 original story productions over 2 years.
These will build on Discover’s established methodology with preschool and key stage 1 and 2 children, by turning current simple story reading sessions into multi-sensory, interactive, immersive experiences for babies and very young children.
Organisation Glasgow Film Theatre
Amount awarded £40,000 over 2 years
Date awarded July 2016
Project location Scotland – various locations
Beneficiaries Children aged 9-14
Artform Film, theatre
Project To create and deliver two large-scale Dramatic Enquiry projects across Scotland for children aged 9 -14.
This project also includes professional development for teachers and practitioners, and downloadable resources.
Organisation High Peak Community Arts
Amount awarded £30,000 over 2 years
Date awarded February 2017
Project location Glossop, New Mills, Buxton
Beneficiaries Young children attending local nurseries and their families
Artform Visual arts, music, drama, storytelling
Project To develop the Children and Families programme, building on the yearlong pilot of For the Love of Books, which aims to promote a joy of books amongst early years and families to deepen communication between children and the adults around them.  A diverse range of experienced artists will co-design sessions to nurture confidence in creativity through playful, open-ended activities. The project also includes training with local early years practitioners and partnership with the Early Childhood Studies department at Sheffield University to develop a research brief.
Organisation The MAC
Amount awarded £49,950 over 3 years
Date awarded September 2016
Project location The MAC in Belfast, and local community settings
Beneficiaries Children in their early years
Artform Visual arts, craft/making, music, creative play
Project To fund the MAC Early Years Lab, a new programme for early years children and their parents / carers.
In addition to offering innovative, arts-based activities which will put children at the heart of the MAC, the programme will support artists and early years’ workers to test new practices, refine existing techniques and develop a deeper understanding of how best to work creatively with young children.
Organisation Music in Hospitals
Amount awarded £10,000 over 1 year
Date awarded July 2016
Project location Hospitals in Manchester and Newcastle
Beneficiaries Children aged 10 and younger
Artform Music
Project To develop and test a series of user-friendly evaluation tools to assess the impact of Music in Hospitals’ work with young children and inform the development of future practice.
The project includes 8 hospital concerts for children under 10 years old in Manchester and Newcastle.
Organisation New Victoria Theatre, North Staffordshire
Amount awarded £13,174 over 6 months
Date awarded July 2016
Project location New Vic Theatre and children’s centres in Staffordshire and Cheshire
Beneficiaries Preschool children
Artform Theatre, storytelling
Project To support the Tale Trail to New Vic’s 2016 holiday production of The Snow Queen, an immersive storytelling experience for preschool children and families, which included preparatory and follow-up workshops with families at children’s centres.
The project aimed to involve children and families in active storytelling, thereby improving literacy and confidence.
Organisation Norwich Puppet Theatre
Amount awarded £21,100 over 1 year
Date awarded December 2016
Project location NPT and local primary schools
Beneficiaries Children in Norwich and Norfolk primary schools
Artform Puppetry, storytelling, craft/making
Project To extend access to NPT’s learning and artistic programmes by running a project with c. 360 children and teachers in 5 primary schools in disadvantaged areas across Norfolk.
Each school will participate in 4 contact days with NPT: an initial theatre visit, 2 days of workshops, and a showcase day at NPT, along with supporting inset and learning resources for teachers.
Organisation The Paper Birds Theatre Company
Amount awarded £21,102 over 1 year
Date awarded December 2016
Project location Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol
Tacchi Morris Arts Centre, Taunton
North Devon Theatre, Barnstaple
Beneficiaries Young people ages 11-18
Artform Theatre, performing arts
Project To develop ‘In the Red’, a performing arts project for up to 60 young people, ages 11-18 to take place across SW England, in collaboration with 3 regional theatres.
The Paper Birds Theatre Company will facilitate 3 sets of creative workshops through weeklong residencies culminating in 3 original live public performances.
Organisation Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum
Amount awarded £7,500 over 3 months
Date awarded July 2016
Project location RWF Museum in Caernarfon
Beneficiaries Local schoolchildren in Key Stage 2
Artform Ceramics
Project To fund a ceramics project for Key Stage 2 children as a creative response to the Weeping Window poppies installation, which was sited at Caernarfon Castle in October and November 2016.
The project represented a new departure for the Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum, as it was the first time young children worked with a professional artist to develop a creative response to an exhibition.
Organisation St George’s Bristol
Amount awarded £15,000 over 15 months
Date awarded December 2016
Project location Bristol
Beneficiaries Local primary schoolchildren
Artform Opera
Project To work with local primary school children, young people and music professionals to devise and perform a new community opera based on the history of St George’s Concert Hall in Bristol, which will re-open in 2017.
The project aims to raise levels of aspiration, instil a sense of achievement, and promote a lasting love of singing and performing in the young participants.
Organisation West Yorkshire Playhouse
Amount awarded £26,028 over 2 years
Date awarded September 2016
Project location West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds
Beneficiaries Babies, toddlers and preschool children
Artform Arts-based creative play
Project To develop and deliver a new arts-based creative play project with around 30 babies, toddlers and pre-school children whose mothers attend the Playhouse’s weekly Asmarina Voices refugee women’s singing group at the Playhouse.
Organisation YDance
Amount awarded £11,000 over 2 years
Date awarded February 2017
Project location Glasgow
Beneficiaries Children ages 0-3 and their parents
Artform Dance
Project To support ‘Me and You’, a 2-year community-based dance project to introduce c. 140 children under 3 and their young parents to dance and creative play.