Series 1

The first series was originated for Save the Children by Anne Wood and is now a Ragdoll Foundation project. This first series of six films has been broadcast in the UK by Channel Five and in Sweden and The Netherlands by Sveriges TB AB and KRO respectively.

Tommy's Film UK

What makes me happy?
Feeling that I am important to one special person makes me feel happy and good about myself.

Ranjita's Film Nepal

What makes me happy?
Helping to do real work for our parents, because it makes us feel loved.

Junjie's Film China

What makes me happy?
Having lots of friends to be with and not just by myself.

Hashi's Film Sri Lanka

What makes me happy?
Having friends, because when you have lost everything then friends are very precious.

Mahmoud's Film Occupied Palestinian Territories

What makes me happy?
Having a place to be by myself, a space just for me.

Amran's Film Ethiopia

What makes me happy?
Being able to sing after we have done our work.