The Ragdoll Foundation announces 2022-23 grants awarded to support the arts & cultural sector’s work with children & young people

1 Jul 2022

In December 2021 the trustees of the Ragdoll Foundation announced that the open grants programme to support the arts and cultural sector’s work to engage children and young people with innovative, high-quality arts experiences would close at the end of February 2022. The response to this final round was unprecedented, with 119 proposals – over twice the number of applications we usually receive. The quality of proposal was higher than in recent rounds; as always, we received more applications than we were able to support.

In selecting stage two proposals for the children’s and young people’s priority we applied eligibility criteria, assessed against the priority as set out in the guidance notes, and finally looked for proposals that offered something new and different from work funded to date, for example a new delivery model, artform, geographic area, project focus, or beneficiary group. We invited seven CYP proposals to stage two and funded four.

InUnity in Birmingham was awarded £13,918 over 12 months to support A Girls’ Guide to 3 Estates, engaging young people with their community through creative mapmaking and practical workshops in collaboration with local female artists.

Oasis One World Choir in Cardiff was awarded £5,540 over six months to support Hear Our Grooves, See Our Moves, a new filmmaking project for children and young people seeking sanctuary in Wales.

Pride in North Cumbria (PiNC) was awarded £12,540 over 24 months to support LGBTQ+ Creative Voices & Self-Expression, extending PiNC’s young people’s exploration of and engagement with LGBTQ+ artists and art.

Slugtown in Shieldfield, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, was awarded £5,798 over 12 months to support SlugClub, a free art club for local young people living in a rapidly changing community.

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