The Ragdoll Foundation announces new Open Grant Scheme

15 Feb 2016

Following a strategic review, The Ragdoll Foundation is pleased to announce today the opening of their New Open Grant Scheme designed to support the cultural sector’s work with children and young people.

The Foundation is dedicated to supporting the creation, appreciation and awareness of imaginative and innovative content that reflects the world from a child’s point of view through a combination of grant giving and special initiatives.

All applications are expected to contribute to the Foundation’s primary purpose of making grants for charitable purposes and preference will be given to innovative projects that share the same values of imagination and creativity as the Ragdoll Foundation and in particular, those projects which have a deep commitment to listening to children and allow the perceptions and feelings of children themselves to be heard.

For further information and guidance including details of the application criteria, terms and conditions, the online application form and for information on what the Foundation will not fund, please see the Grant Giving section of this website.

Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, but funding decisions will be taken three times a year in February, June and October.

All successful grantees are required to report in writing to the Ragdoll Foundation on the progress and outcomes or achievements of the work to assess the overall impact of the funding , its contribution to the Foundation’s primary purpose and identify possible case studies that will be profiled on the Foundation’s website.

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