The Ragdoll Foundation announces Open Grants awarded in 2017-18

1 Apr 2018

Blackpool Grand Theatre was awarded £30,000 over 24 months to support The Junior Artists Project, an after-school and holiday arts programme to define, explore and strengthen the resilience of children 7-11 years old from local schools.

Britten Sinfonia was awarded £14,500 over nine months to support their Early Years Programme in community settings in Peterborough, exploring music and literature through an interactive production of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass.

Citizens Theatre was awarded £35,000 over 36 months to support Hear My Voice, a creative drama and storytelling project to build the confidence and communication skills of children 4-12 years old, dealing with difficult life experiences.

Digital Voice for Communities was awarded £21,189 over nine months to support DigitalMe, an innovative social justice project in Gateshead, which supported Looked After Children to make their voices heard about issues that concerned them.

Drama Express in Cornwall was awarded £1,500 over three months to support a summer pantomime project, based on local Cornish legends, for children and young people ages 5-15 years who have complex disabilities. 

Lancashire Association of Boys and Girls Clubs was awarded £15,520 over 18 months to support My World, nine diverse projects in which children work with professional artists to explore life views, experiences, and  propose solutions to the world’s problems, through stop-motion animations, short films, postcards, and posters.

Mandala Theatre Company was awarded £11,698 over nine months to support the (Dis)Connected Education Project, exploring themes of  place, identity, and belonging with 14-18 year-olds from diverse backgrounds, who do not readily access the arts, in Oxford, Luton, Coventry, Stockton-on-Tees, London, Doncaster, and Bristol.

Orchestras for All was awarded £5,676 over seven months to pilot new creative composition and improvisation activities as part of Orchestras for All’s Modulo Programme, working with talented young musicians 11-18 years old from disadvantaged backgrounds in the West Midlands.

Rhubarb Theatre Company in Lincolnshire was awarded £8,200 over nine months to support a storytelling and performance project with children ages 8-10 years old in four diverse primary schools in the North Kesteven district.

Sidney Nolan Trust in Powys was awarded £15,620 over 10 months to support It’s My World, engaging two separate groups of people living in the West Midlands: (1) families who had immigrated to the UK from Pakistan or Kashmir and their UK-born children, and (2) young parents with babies/toddlers, experiencing homelessness.

The Yard Theatre, in Hackney Wick, was awarded £10,000 over 12 months to expand Yardlings, the theatre’s devised drama programme for children aged 7-11 to include two new age groups – 5-7 and 12-14 year-olds – and opening to all schools in the area.

Theatre Royal, Plymouth was awarded £15,333 over 24 months to fund Tiny Tales, a storytelling and mixed arts project for children 2-4 years old with their parents or carers who live near to the theatre, establishing a child-welcoming environment in the front of house area where children are visible, engaged, and central to the life of the theatre.

Wizzleworld Dramatics was awarded £25,000 over 24 months to design and deliver an outdoor story-drama programs for children 4-11 years living in Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid refuges, exploring themes of loss, positive relationships, and managing and expressing feelings – all challenges faced by children residing in refuges.

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