The Ragdoll Foundation announces Open Grants awarded in 2019-20

1 Apr 2020

Cherwell Theatre Company  In Banbury was awarded £15,000 over five months to support Tell Your Story, an opportunity for young people to develop their creative voices and to curate a new youth arts festival.

Entrust Care Partnership in Leamington Spa was awarded £7,000 over 12 months to support The Telling of Us, a dance project for children with disabilities to create stories based on their own lives, supported by a dance specialist experienced in accessible movement, inclusion, and self-expression.

Evolve Music in Somerset was awarded £13,072 over 24 months to support the Explorers Early Intervention Project, a series of music workshops in partnership with Radstock Children’s Centre, for children 0-5 and their families or carers, focusing on early attachment, musical play, and speech and language development.

Home-Start Knowsley was awarded £7,631 over 24 months to support Dramarama, an after school drama club and holiday workshops in partnership with theatre-in-education company Altru Drama, to inspire children and develop imaginative thinking.

Hot Chocolate Trust in Dundee was awarded £20,000 over nine months to support Artefact, a visual arts and heritage project for young people to explore identity and imagination by investigating, creating, and sharing their own stories and local history.

Leeds Playhouse was awarded £25,135 over 24 months to support Growing Hearts and Minds, a new project with young female refugees and asylum seekers, providing a creative safe space and growing the confidence and self-esteem of participants in the process of becoming residents of Leeds.

Red Rose Chain in Ipswich was awarded £45,000 over 36 months to support Once Upon a Time, in partnership with local Children’s Centres and Suffolk Refugee Support, to develop and deliver interactive performances based on traditional fairy tales, reaching families who would not otherwise have access to live performance.

Year one project report – Jack and the Beanstalk
Year two project report –The Princess and the Frog

Stills Centre for Photography in Edinburgh was awarded £5,580 over five months to support The Coming of the Fairies 2020, a photography project with young women ages 12-15 years to explore self-portraiture, image manipulation, and authenticity, inspired by the “Cottingley Fairy Photos”, a famous hoax of 1920.

Stuff and Nonsense was awarded £7,550 over 10 months to support outreach workshops with children ages 3-10 years in Plymouth, Dorset, Salisbury, and Hampshire schools in areas of low arts engagement, to explore the story of Pinocchio and inform the development of a new play based on the classic tale.

The Boathouse Youth in Blackpool was awarded £11,173 over two months to support We Love to Boogie, for children and young people 8-15 years old to work with a local dance and theatre group to produce a hip-hop show incorporating street dance, beatbox, rap, spoken word, and theatre.

The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh was awarded £20,000 over 24 months to support The Wonder Studio, a new early years and family programme in partnership with Starcatchers (Scotland’s national arts and early years organisation) and Greengables Nursery in Niddrie, testing an approach of artists and children co-designing an environment to provide regular creative opportunities within their community.

The Ideas Hub in Chelmsford was awarded £15,000 over 16 months to support Stand Up and Light Up, supporting children 7-11 years old to work with technology experts and artists to direct and create work for the annual Light Parade.

Void Art Centre in Derry/Londonderry was awarded £12,000 over 24 months to support its new early years, children, and family programme, inspired by Void’s exhibition programme and including elements tailored to the needs of children with autism (ASD).

Whippet Up in Cleveland was awarded £14,000 over 12 months to support Woodland Wonders, regular creative sessions for children 1-4 years old, linked to a wider arts and heritage programme, and development of a new handbook to support family enjoyment of creative activities outdoors.

Wren Music in Okehampton, Devon, was awarded £7,500 over 24 months to support Song, Rhyme and Playtime, workshops to integrate music into children’s play and family time, focusing on music-making as a group activity, trying out instruments, singing, musical vocabulary, and building confidence in parents, carers, and children to make music at home.

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