Our work

The Ragdoll Foundation supports the creation, appreciation, and awareness of imaginative and innovative work that reflects the world from a child’s or young person’s point of view.

Between 2013 and 2023 we used our resources and funding to support three programme strands:

  • Open Grants – Supporting organisations working with children and young people through the arts and creative media
  • Legacy – Supporting projects that continue the work and vision of our founder, Anne Wood
  • Advocacy – Initiatives that support the voice and rights of children and young people

In 2023 the Ragdoll Foundation trustees committed our remaining resources to support two final initiatives: Legacy Grants and The Ragdoll Foundation Scholarship and Employability Programme at the University of Sheffield.

The Ragdoll Foundation will not be having any further grant programmes. We thank everyone who has participated in or followed our work over the past years. We are pleased to leave a legacy of positive organisational and individual impact, the new scholarship programme at the University of Sheffield, and the project finder good practice database on this website.

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13 Sep 2023

The Ragdoll Foundation announces new partnership with the University of Sheffield