D-live! Theatre Company


Extraction Stories

Year, type of grant

2021-22, Open, Main Grants

Grant awarded

£10,000 over 12 months


A new literacy and theatre project with d/Deaf young people in key stage 4, in two secondary schools in Kent and Essex. Working in British Sign Language (BSL), young people participated in creative writing, drama and filmmaking workshops with experienced d/Deaf workshop facilitators. Read more


Who, what, where

  • Young people 14-16 years, who are deaf and may have BSL as first or preferred language
  • Digital media, literature, theatre
  • Equality of access to the arts, supporting theatre & literature teaching in the curriculum
  • England, South East, in two Kent & Essex schools

How this project supported Ragdoll Foundation aims

An ambitious, strategic and developmental project led by and for d/Deaf people. The need for the intervention was well-articulated, and the trustees were convinced that it would promote equality of access to classic works of literature in an enjoyable and contemporary way. Working in British Sign Language and including the young people’s own creative response gave additionality to the project.