Family Hive


New Beginnings

Year, type of grant

2021-22, Open, Small Grants

Grant awarded

£1,500 over 3 months


A programme of monthly arts events to rebuild and improve Family Hive’s relationships with local families post-lockdown. Local artists delivered a mix of activities to support children to develop skills, play, and connect with others, on themes of making, moving, exploring, and growing and eating.

Who, what, where

  • Children 0-11 years, families, from the local community
  • Dance, music, visual arts
  • Community connectedness, reconnecting, post-Covid-19, widening participation in the arts
  • England, North West, Liverpool, John Archer Hall

How this project supported Ragdoll Foundation aims

This proposal combined a strong concept, practical approach, appropriate monitoring and evaluation, and good value for money. Family Hive was clear about what it intended to deliver and why, and made a strong case for the project making a difference in the Liverpool 8 community.

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