House of Imagination


Forest of Imagination | Living Tree and the Mirror Maze

Year, type of grant

2021-22, Open, Small Grants

Grant awarded

£1,500 over 5 months


To support the Forest of Imagination research and development, an integrated creative learning programme for schools and families, co-designed by young children. Video

Who, what, where

  • Children 3-11 years, families, from the local community
  • Creative consultation
  • Child’s voice, enjoyment of the arts, love of nature
  • England, South West, Bristol

How this project supported Ragdoll Foundation aims

House of Imagination focuses on children’s and young people’s creative and critical thinking, and has a strong reputation for creating high quality and child-centred work. This proposal was to support the creative consultation phase of their 2022 Forest of Imagination immersive arts experience.