Pride-in-North-Cumbria (PiNC)


LGBTQ+ A History of Creative Voices

Year, type of grant

2021-22, Open, Small Grants

Grant awarded

£1,500 over 3 months


This pilot, youth-led concept explored LGBTQ+ artists past and present through 10 workshops, led by LGBTQ+ creative professionals. Workshops focused on the work and voice of a different artist, exploring issues, promoting discussion, and encouraging young people’s own creative voice. Outcomes for the participating young people and the organisation were strong, and PiNC used the pilot project as the starting point for a main grant application, which was awarded in June 2022.

Who, what, where

  • Young people 12-18 years, who identify as LGBTQ+
  • Poetry, visual arts
  • Issue: raising awareness of LGBTQ+ artists, young person’s voice
  • England, North West, Carlisle, PiNC Hub

How this project supported Ragdoll Foundation aims

This was a high-quality, well-written application. The concept had been developed by the young people attending PiNC’s dedicated centre and artistic quality looked high. partnership with Tullie House Gallery added value.