Waterloo Community Theatre


The Realist

Year, type of grant

2021-22, Open, Main Grants

Grant awarded

£8,970 over 24 months


To support development of The Realist, a podcast project initially started on Zoom during the pandemic, into a face-to-face weekly or biweekly young people’s radio show in partnership with Morley Radio. More details.

Who, what, where

  • Children & young people 7-18 years, of UK minority ethnic heritage
  • Digital media, radio, theatre
  • Equality of access to the arts, young person’s voice
  • England, London, Lambeth, urban

How this project supported Ragdoll Foundation aims

The trustees were unanimous in their enthusiasm for this proposal, which had a beautiful simplicity as well as being ambitious for participants. The project is well-suited to its setting, where young people feel unable to access the more established cultural organisations. The applicant had built good relationships with the local school, estate and college, which should help get the new project off to a flying start.