5 Ways to Wellbeing for Young People Using Creative Arts

Year, type of grant

2021-22, Open, Small Grants

Grant awarded

£1,479 over 5 months


A series of creative workshops to introduce children and their parents / carers to practical ways to support mental health. Introducing artistic practice made a positive difference to the young participants and was innovative for Chapter. The project also led to to greater organisational understanding of other groups addressing children’s mental health in the region.

Who, what, where

  • Children & young people 8-13 years, who are experiencing mental health challenges
  • Collage, drawing, outdoor arts, painting, visual arts
  • Positive mental health & wellbeing
  • England, North West, Ellesmere Port

How this project supported Ragdoll Foundation aims

The connection between working with children and helping their parents or carers to be better able to support mental health after the project finished added value to this proposal. Inclusion of “5 ways to wellbeing” was positive, and the project represented good value for money.